Pamela Mitchell

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A happy healthy and safe workforce has the potential to be a more productive and profitable one. 

One of the biggest issues facing businesses today is the lack of energy of their largest resource – employees.  A recent study conducted by The Resilience Institute Australia of 16,261 people across 250 companies from 2011 – 2014 revealed that 81% of employees experience intense work environments with concerning levels of worry, chronic stress symptoms, distress and disengagement. 


The OT Coach can help …

  • Develop a workplace culture that supports health and wellbeing
  • Help identity aspects of your workplace culture that support or inhibit workplace health and wellbeing, and work with you to make changes towards a healthier and safer workplace.
  • Help you create a climate of employee trust, engagement and participation
  • Ensure a safe and sustainable return to work for employees following an illness or injury which has resulted in a prolonged absence from work.

Crisis Management and Business Continuity

  • The OT Coach can work alongside you to develop table top exercises to test your crisis management readiness and response and
  • Assist you to develop business continuity plans to prevent or minimise any potential disruption to business activities from a crisis.


“I would recommend Pam for your workplace OT needs.  She came on site to observe and then suggested some practical solutions that didn’t completely change our current process but complemented them”.
Victoria Piggott, National Health and Safety Coordinator